I’ve always been drawn to minimalist, geometric landscapes, to sceneries involving precious few elements lit by extreme light cast onto lines and textures.

As with all my work, I’m not after the great vistas. Quite the reverse, I stay away from breadth and try to focus on the bare minimum so as to abstract the essence of place and time.

These words define Pablo Valenzuela’s aesthetics and vision of the natural and cultural heritage of Chile. His is a perspective that stays away from the obvious or the purely documentary.

Pablo Valenzuela (Santiago, 1964) has always been finely attuned to nature and mountains. Hill-climbing made him into an assiduous hiker and keen observer.

In 1992, some three years after completing a Civil Engineering degree at the Catholic University of Chile, he resolved to make his passion for discovering, seeing and photographing Chile’s natural and cultural heritage his life’s work.

Valenzuela’s work has been widely featured in photo books and exhibitions. To him, photography isn’t just an artistic expression in which he has found his own voice. It is also a means to showcase and highlight the value of Chilean identity.